Once you are logged into the hub, here are some things you should know:

- Your account can function as any of the following states:

        - Business mode

        - Service mode.

        - Vendor mode.

- Once logged in, your dashboard is automatically set to the service mode.

But not to worry, the outlook of your dashboard is consistent across modes.

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Your dashboard is divided into three facets - the top bar, sidebar and overview.


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This part of your dashboard - located at the top of your page - consists of functionalities that maximise your interaction with our hub. Here, you can take a tour of your dashboard, go fullscreen, and make changes to your account.


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Depending on what mode you are currently operating in, the sidebar gives you features that help with the running of your business. In the service mode, you have the Requests and Service Profile - same with the vendor mode. The business mode on the other hand contains applications that oversee your business operations - Customers, eCommerce, Finance, Organisation, Sales and Business Directory.


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Like the sidebar, its content are relative to the mode you are currently on. What the overview does is give you a general summary of the activities surrounding your business.